amazon rainforest

Day Trips

Our day trips allow you the chance to visit the native Bora tribe, check out rescued jungle animals at Pilpintuwasi Butterfly farm, haggle your way through the Belen market, spot pink and grey dolphins, bottle-feed rescued baby manatees at the Mantee center, and so much more..

san pedro lodge

San Pedro Lodge,
Amazon rainforest, Iquitos, Peru

San Pedro Lodge is a rustic lodge located at the end of a small river village inside the Amazon rain forest. The hostel is cozy and offers personalized service, providing accommodation for only 12 people at a time. All beds are equipped with a mosquito net, and you'll find a nicely equipped bathroom and shower in each bungalow.

victoria regia

Yarapa River

Are you the advantures type, the Yarapa river might be something for you. At Yarapa river you will be exploring the majestic Amazon. You will go for jungle walks into the primary rain forest looking for monkeys, slots, caimans, dolphins, snakes and many other jungle animals. You can even choose to sleep one night in a tent to get the real wildlife feeling at night... READ MORE »