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San Pedro Lodge Amazon Day Trips

The San Pedro Lodge is well-known for its tours, which will take you to a variety of exciting destinations. Discover the wonder of the Amazon rainforest; visit the butterfly farm, meet the Bora and Yagua indigenous communities, and go dolphin spotting or piranha fishing with us. We will take you to the caiman farm and to the Amazonian manatee rescue center.

Let us show you around Iquitos City, and tell you about the origin of the Iron House, The Casa Fitzcarraldo, the Casa Morey and the amazing collection of life-sized statues of many of the native tribes of the Amazon.

One of our favorite destinations is the ´floating city´ of Belén, famous for its jungle market and its floating houses. Explore the market and its world-famous Pasaje Paquito, with every kind of jungle medicine known to man. Visit the people in their homes and see up close how they have lived for generations. We guarantee you will have one the most authentic experiences of any of your travels.

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San Pedro Lodge,
Amazon rainforest, Iquitos, Peru

Welcome to the San Pedro Lodge! Since early 2011, we have welcomed hundreds of guests from all over the world to our home in the Amazon rainforest. With just 6 double rooms, we can host a maximum of 12 guests. Being such a small lodge allows us to give you the most personal service. For example, while we offer several package tours, we usually work with our guests to put together a custom-made itinerary, to fit the wishes and budgets of each visitor.

Everyone work hard to make the San Pedro Lodge the best in its class, and you won´t find any lodge in the region with better beds and bathrooms at such an affordable price.

The San Pedro Lodge is located at less than 2 hours from down town Iquitos, but will give you a complete jungle lodge experience. Our rustic bungalows are modest, yet comfortable and you will have easy access to our lakes, where you can swim, fish, hike, take a canoe tour on the lakes, or just relax in your hammock, enjoying the company and play of our animals.

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New! Yarapa River

The Yarapa region guarantees a full jungle experience! You will see all kinds of wildlife, ranging from the legendary pink river dolphin to sloths, monkeys, caimans and a wide variety of birds. During our jungle hikes, canoe trips and piranha fishing, you will get to know the rainforest first hand. And we guarantee that the mysterious Breathing Tree will take your breath away!